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clouds but everywhere across the area, we're under a 73 thunderstorm watch and that is until 10:00 p.m. what that means is that pretty much area wide, there is the potential for some severe thunderstorms and we've already seen some neighborhoods, some counties getting some severe weather where we had some warnings from montgomery county, for rappahannock county, culpeper as well as loudoun county. we don't have any warnings going on right now or in effect. i'm watching northern fairfax county as this cell heads off to the east. it will be heading to areas like wheaton and sterlin then y can see in pennsylvania, that yellow shading around york, the lancaster area, there is a warning right now. there could be one issued for frederick county, maryland. the otherbig thing today is the heat. up around 90 degrees. most neighborhoods well abo the average. today, our th 90-degree day for the year. our latest 90-degree day last year was on the 27th of august when we got to 91 degrees. so we're at 93 degrees right now in the district, mount pleasant,
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93. annapolis at 92. up fr the last hour. and 92 degrees currently in suitland and springfield at 92. isolated thunderstorms, you can expect these until 10:00 p.m. probably the worst prior to 9:00 p.m. and temperatures will be settling down to the mid 80s. the other thing with our wind out of the south, coastal flood advisory. that go until midnight. orms, coastal flood advisory and some meet will be-stick around for a little while as we say hello to fall. >> thanks, veronica. a developing story out of fairfax county this afternoon. three people are dead including two children after a house fire that officials are calling horrific. the blaze broke out just before 9:00 this morning at a townhouse on the 9600 block in lorton. a neighbor told news4, two of the children said they survived by jumping out of the window. the 2-month-old infant survived because her mother threw her out of the window.
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the infant's mother died in the firefighter. some 60 firefighters were called out to battle the blaze. there were huge flames leaping out of every window. >> the fire did push them out. they tried to go tough the upstairs window with fire coming out of the window. and they did get inside. they got to pul one child out the window. and to no avail. a horric event. the firefighters, i can see it on their face when i got there, it just got to them. >> investigators are still on the scene trying to determine what started the fire. two teens were seriously injured in a car accident this morning. one was thrown from the car. the other was trapp. police say they were drag racing on powder mill road. the driver of the car that crashedlost control on a curve, crossed the center line and hit a car in oncoming traffic.
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both are expected to survive. no one was injured in the car. they hit. the car they were racing sped away. both reasons the 17 years old. the passenger attends high point high school. it is a hopeful endi for a d.c. woman who stood to lose everything. her name is eloisa diaz. she rented a home in northwest for 15 years. she said regular work has been hard to find for the past two years. diaz was evicted yesterday and all of her belongings were put out on the street. her stuff covered several city blocks and diaz was warned trash truck woz take it all away this morning. things looked dire until news4 viewers saw her story. j.k. moving and storage in virginia volunteered to move and store her belongings and people call to offer her work and a place to stay. >> i am feeling happy and relieved, the stress. and now 100% is big change.
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>> d.c. officials say they've offered diaz counsling and services. today on capitol hill, lawmakers presented what they call a disturbing picture of america's egg farm industry. they had serious questions the deplorable conditions found at two iowa farms linked to the summer salmonella outbreak. but as kristen dahlgren reports, the farm's owners were short on answers. >> reporter: it w a hearing that brought high emotion. disrupted by a protest against the entire egg industry. >> your wholeody head to toe is in agony. i was in fetal position for i don't know how long. >> reporter: while victims had plenty to say, theowner of one of the farms at the center of the salmonella outbreak refused to answer questions. >> i respectfully decline to answer the question. >> reporter: the investigation targets iowa's hillendale farms
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and wright county gs. these pictures are enough to make anyone sick. they claim salmonella was detected 426 times before this outbreak. >> it is blowing out of your buildings. you have cracks, dead mice, dead chickens, maggots. that stuff didn't just happen. >> the building is designed to have these manure pits. >> reporter: he claimed an ingredient sold to them by an outside supplier but they were apologetic for the outbreak that sickened as many as 1,600 people. >> i have prayed several tes each day for all of these people, for improved health. >> reporter: t two farms voluntarily recalled over half a billion eggs when the fda requested it. and wright's owners insist they have since made sweeping safety changes. something the government will insist on under new egg rules designed to crack the cycle of salmonella and keep more tainted eggs from making it to market. in that testimony today, a
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representative of the fda pushed the committee to pass a bill that would give t fda additional resources as well as mandatory recall authority. right now, all food recalls are voluntary. in washington, news4. a black hawk helicopter crashed in southern gans has claimed the life of a man from our area. according to the baltimore "sun." brendan looney, a former silver spring resident was reportedly one of nine u.s. military officials killed in that crash. looney graduated from the naval academy back in 2004 where he played lacrosse. he also played football and baseball in hyattsville before graduating in 1999. officials have not disclosed the helicopter's mission. the cause of the crash is still unclear as well. even as president obama was sending thousands of troop to afghanistan, he was determin to find a way out. that's just one of the disclosures in the new book out about the white house written by one of the nation's most
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prominent investigative journalists. stev handelsman has our report. >> reporter: an exit strategy. that was president obama's demands according to bob woodward's new book about afghanistan. it was last year the afghan war going poorly, the president rushed in 20,000 troops. then set out to change strategies. setting off a battle inside his administration. joint chiefs chairman mike mullen and gneral david petraeus wanted 40,000 more forces. vice president biden opposed any increase. the obama compromise was 30,000 with a pullout in 2011 because he said, i can't lose the whole democratic party. >> the president decided. he stood up f what he wanted and he push back agains even some of the most powerful player in the military. >> reporter: obama advisers richard holbrooke complained, the strategy could not work. so far it hasn't. the taliban still gaining strength. was there too much drama on team
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obama? >>n the white house you're constantly fighting with your colleagues for influence in the president's eyes. and it is not unusual that you ould see senior staff member fight over such a big decision as this. >> reporter: new revelation afghan president karzai is manic depressive and on drugs. today he denies it. experts testified on capitol hill that home grown terrorists might be the number one threat now. not fanatics from afghanistan. the war the president wants to end. mr. obama told woodward if terrorists stage another big strike like 9/11, he believes we can in his words, absorb it. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. >> now nbc' chief pentagon correspondent, jim miklaszewski, will join us at 6:00 with more on the afghan strategy and
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woodward's new book. president obama went to virginia to show case the benefits the health care act he signed into law six months ago. he held a discussion in the backyard of a resident's home in falls church there were about 20 people there. the preside announced that more provisions of the new health law kick in tomorrow. one provision lets children stay on their parents' insurance policies until they turn 26. another provision requires that insurers cover children with preexisting conditions. many of the people at today's events described how they have personally benefited from the health care changes. we now know en d.c. school's chancellor michelle rhee and vincent gray are scheduled to meet. the "washington post" reports the lo-awaited meeting will happen tomorrow at noon in gray's office in the wilson building. rhee has come under fire by some, praised by others for firing teachers and principals the district. gray has said he will continue to pursue aggressive education reform and he said, that may or
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may not include rhee. when news4 at 4: continues, a dramatic end to a high-speed chase in miami. here you go. watch it. there you go. the tip drill. people inside. paris hilton had business in asia but she never made it past the airport in tokyo. we'll hear what she said on her way out of the country. > and call it the name game for a write-in candidate. spelling is everything. what if your own campaign makes a mistake and misspells your name?
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welcome back. it will only come to a few neighborhoods and it will come at a price with some severe thunderstorms.
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>> as you can see on the radar loop, it is coming with some lightning. the nature of these storms whi you can expect, these will be the kind of storm that fe very quickly across the area. they'll bring some brief heavy rain as well as some wind and lightning. i'll show you the locations that have gotten the wind and rain. >> here you go. watch it. there it goes. one person runnin the drive is still in the vehicle. we'll back out and see. we have this guy here. >> you're watching the dramatic end to a high-speed chase that took place in miami this morning. not only did it went a crash but one suspect was taken down with a stun gun. another was dragged out of the car by his heels.
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and police were wrestling with the driver before taking all three into custody. the car they were in was reported stolen. >> we have a traffic alert for drivers who used i-270. friday morning, all four lanes will be shut down at exit 10. the diamo avenue exit overnight tomorrow into friday morning. the closures will last for two 15-minute intervals between midnight and 4:00 a.m. the state highway administration suggests using roe 355 as an ternate route. did you go those closures, crews will be puttin up an overhead sign as part of the intercounty connector project which will link 270 to 95. if you were wondering why your commute will slow this morning, it might have been because of a tractor-trailer that overturned in maryland. it ppened on i-70 near route 94 near woodbine. and it caused a big back-up, as you see, before sun up.
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emergency crews blocked the road in order to clean up the spill. paris hilton is back home after landing in tokyo. >> reporter: sayonara, paris hilton. she left to return to the u.s. after being denied entry into japan. >> i look forward to coming back to japan in the future and i love everyone. 'm really tired. >> where are you headed? >> reporter: japan has strict immigration laws that prevent entry to anyone convicted of drug offenses. exceptions are occasionally granted burk it not known if she applied for one. hilton traveled to tokyo just two days after pleading guilty in las vegas to charges of misdemeanor drug possession and obstructing an officer in a case that stemmedrom an august
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aest. in that incident, a small quantity of cocaine dropped out of her purse while she was being questioned by police officers. she was with her boyfriend when their car was stopped by police who believed they smelled marijuana smoke coming from the car. the 29-year-old arrived tuesday night in tokyo to promote her fashion and fragrance lines. she was stopped at the airport by police and questioned her for six hours. after spending the night at an airport hotel, she boarded a private plane this morning and left japan. hilton is also canceed the other stops on her trip to goala lumpur, asia. >> hilton isn't the first celebrity depted from japan. former beatles member paul mccartney was busted at the same airport for possession of marijna back in 1980. several rolling stones also faced troubles at the border. >> just so nice to know she is coming ba to america.
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do us proud agn. >> where she belongs. it's official, folks. the american idol judging table is getting larger. a laer dose of celebrities. >> jennifer lopez and arriro smith's steven tyler. the show will return for its tenth season. they're going to join veteran randy jackson. the mystery is solved. we all know now. comi up, star power on capitol hill. nd out about an idea after kevin cost never wanted to share with congress. >> and women, do yo like the way you look in stilettos? think about the internet. growing, evolving, literally transforming our lives. now imagine the possibilities of what tomorrow could bring. at at&t, we support a core set
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internet into the future...e the to protect users, and reward innovators, for years to come. we support a fair anopen and accessible to everyone. transparent networks, managed in ways that are clear to all users. we support the fcc's plan to bring high-speednternet to everyone in america by 2020. and we are committed to keeping the internet working, as the economic engine that's creating bs now. working together, investing, keeping information and ideas flowing freely, we can ensure that the internet will continue to grow and influence the future... in ways we can only imagine. because the future s always been our business. at&t.
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is it possible t say hello and so long to summer at the same time? >> yes. and we're doing it today, of course. >> another thing, the heat, the storm too? >> and with a little heat and
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some humidity in the air, a cold front, too, to the north. we' getting some of those storms. but isolatedstorms. they're not widespread across the area but there will be more cnties, much more of us getting in on the action as we go through the next couple hours. 93 is the temperature. a little humidity out there. the dew point of 66 degrees. the humidity at 41%. it feel like 97 degrees right now. some storms up until about 10:00 or 11:00 p.m. tempatures will drop off until 76 degrees in most locations. we've already seen these isolated storms, some neighborhoods around loudoun county cooling off. 69 to 70 for early tomorrow morning. we have that watch until 10:00 p.m. our biggest potential, you can see we have some lightning right around western fairfax. you see it in the beltway. that's one cluster and then other area around green
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county. we examine the cells a little closer. leesburg reported quarter inch size hail not too long ago. and then reston as it slides toward wheaton. again, right into the district. then a little more up to the north themselves could warn on northerncarroll county. what kind of rain are we seeing? look at loudoun county, leesburg, .77 of an inch of rain. they deliver a lot of rain in a short period of time. where is the front? we have watches that go to pennsylvania and that's where the bigger part of the severe weather is. as the front ces through our area, i think we have a shot of getting the intense shower and storm by around 10:00 and 11:00 p.m. 93, the temperature. look at memphis, 96 degrees. that's where they are right now with the heat and humidity. it feels like 100 degrees in that pocket. and w could set a new record on
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friday because the record righ now is 94 degrees for friday. so two more days with the heat. there's the front. we've got the potential until midnight. a better chce of rain come our way as we go through the late part of the weekend and earl next week. strong thundersto for us. 86 dropping to 79. could have some patchy fog, too. especially those locations that do pick up the moisture and a little bit of rain. more summer heat for the first full day of fall. it come in after 11:00. we' talk about that coming up a ltle later. there's the chance where we drop to 75 for a high temperature on sunday. >> thanks,veronica. tonight is the big night. are you ready for it? >> law and order svu is celebrating its 250th episode this evening. with its season premier. >> that's right. the actress will be getting her old partner back. better knn as detective robert
4:25 pm
gorin. he left after the eighth season but he is now back for the 12th season. she talked about what to expect from the upcoming episodes. >> the story line really gets into some very greaty issues, and very compelling stories. jennifer love hewitt joins us in one of the top svus ever done. >> celebrityuest stars throughout the season include joan cusack and jennifer love hewitt, as she just said. >> we'll be watching. still to come, a california town cheeri arrest of eiht currt and former leaders. we'll tell you why. and the democrat in the race r the delaware senate said he is nobody's pe despite what the senate majority leader says. we'll explain that coming up.
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again
4:27 pm
tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle cde do.
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accuseack. welcome back to news4 at 4:00. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim handly. fairfax county investigators are trying to figure out the cause of a fire that claimed the lis of two children and an adult. the blaze broke out this morning at a townhouse here on the 9600 block of hagel circle in lorton. two other children and an adult survived the fire but are being treated for burns now. >> the oner of an iowa egg farm has pleaded the fifth, refusing to testify during the congressional hearing on last month's massive egg recall. two farm in iowa tested positive for the salmonella strain, blamed for 1,600 people who ate eggs. lawmaker called the conditions at those farms disturbing.
4:30 pm
some local movers and other strangers are helping a d.c. woman who was evicted from her house last night. all of h belonging were left on the street overnight. eloisa diaz told news4, she hasn't been able to find steady work in two years. r viewers saw her story and flooded the airwaves with offers of help. one prosecutor in bell, california, describe it as corruption on steroids. a group of current and former official from the l.a. suburb had their first day in court today. they were arrested on charges that they used milon of dollars in city funds as their own personal piggy banks. residents of the blue colla town celebrated after their arrest. >> reporter: city leaders current and former standing before a judge to face charges of stealing money from their own city to line their pockets. among those arrested, the former city manager robert rizzo who paid himself $800,000. almost double the yearly salary of the president.
4:31 pm
rizzo and seven others are accused of misappropriate rating $5.5 mlion to benefit themselves. during the sting tuesday morning when the bell mayor oscar hernandez fail to come out of his home, official used a battering ram to break down the door. this was the reaction during a city council meeting in july afteresidents learned about their officials' high salaries. especially distasteful in a working class town where many live below the poverty line. spontaneous celebrations broke out as word got out about the arrests. >> they really had their hands in the cookie jar and now it is thir day to pay for justice. >> do you want to see rizzo and the gang behind bars? >> my gosh, i wish they would let me turn the key. >> reporter: the california attorney general has sued bell city officials to try and get back most of their salaries. several resides say if they're not convicted, they'll move forward with the recall.
4:32 pm
news4. >> authorities stay investigation is ngoing and more charge could be filed in the case. there is a big political battle brewing in alaska's senate race. republican incumbent lisa murkowski lost the primary to to have a tea party candidate now. she is launching a write-in campaign. it didn't exactly get off to a good start. >> they tell us, this is imposble. you cannot do it. alaskans can't figure out how to fill in an oval and spell m-u-r-k-o-w-s-k-i. >> murkowski knows how to spell it for sure but her first general electric campaign video misspelled her name, leaving the "o" out. technically it may not matter much. alaskan officials say misspelled ballots may be counted if the voter's intent is clear. meanwhile, delaware democrat
4:33 pm
coons said he is nobody's pet. last wearry reid was quoted in the hill, calling coons his pet and his favorite candidate. today he said the comments were a very unfortunate choice of words. he added he intends to be an und voice in the senate. he is running against the tea party backed candidate christine o'donnell. kevin costner presented his an today to member of congress. he testified before theouse homeland security committee. he is proposing a response fleet consisting of hundred of vessls. all would have booming, skimming separation a storage capacity. the actor spoke to congress about the importance of the vessel'sefficiency. >> we can choose to enlist a fleet of 6,000 vessels hampered by their lack of preparedness. we can have a fleet of 190 state-of-the-art vessels. >> the cost for the fleet would be approximately $850 million to
4:34 pm
start and $150 million a area to maintain. there is more to come on nes4 at 4:00 this afternoon. could threats be getting in the way of a successful pregnancy? for the first time, scientists say the answer is yes. what cabe done to ease the stress. and so long fido and spot. pet name are definitely taking a turn for the unusual. sarah frazier fills [ male announcer ] need a better way to save for the things you want?
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wish list is built to make saving a whole lot more fun. experience all the ys virtual wallet can help you save at pnc. for the achiever in us all. at right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put edution first. we'vmade record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools...
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d we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better. the big screen, shaping, new technology kids' whereabouts and livestock auctioneers making a splash on youtube. >> plus, landing a date may not take rocket science. 99.5 sarah frazier from the cane show joins us now. we're laughing because i was just talking to jim about his dog's name. >> apparently we cannot reveal it. >> everybody in my neighborho know his name. they don't know who the heck i am. >> when it come to pet name,
4:38 pm
people are getting really creative myself last dogs were terry and clue. >> i like terry and clue. >> how about velvet elvis? or kanye east? >> like a hyphenated name. >> hyphenated names are really popular. >> i like that. >> the bigheme is to name it after twilight. it is a big vampire trend. >> that's appropriate since dogs have teeth, too. >> molly, loosy, bailey, mac, and of course number one, bella after twilight. >> i like that. >> okay. >> and there's tiger. >> and for cats, bella is on ere, too, and chloe. >> chloe. >> i had a dog named tiger, too. that's w i reacted to that. >> okay. radio frequency can help parents keep tab on their kids. this could be a good thing if you're a glen-up, right?
4:39 pm
>> no! you need independence when you go to college. this is a horrible idea. the university of iowa has started this. essentially it is a tag that is in your card. you knowhow you have a dining card or a card for your building. this logs your location constantly. if you don't show up to class, the university can activate this and find out where you are. are you off campus? >> you know the parents are paying good money. it adds up. >> i forgot about that. >> yeah. they're paying for it. >> that minor detail. >> i don't think i would like one of those cards. >> me neither. >> livestock auctioneers. >> i love this. jim, this guy looks li you. >> i don't want to see it >> there is a live school auctioneer. this guy looks like you. >> i wear glasses and aowboy hat. >> in wisconsin, you can go there. you can learn to become a livestock auctioneer and you can compete. it is like the american idol of
4:40 pm
livestock auctioneeng. isn't this hysterical? >> is this like a high paying job? >> i'm going to go with the pay is very low. but maybe it is a badge of honor if you will. >> you have to move on. >> and the sound. is there really time toitch those suave pick-up line? youe heard them all before, i'm sure. >> i've heard a couple including this past week, some really bad ones. the virginia wine festil. >> the new research says from msn, a guy can say, hello, make high contact and your name. >> okay. >> that clearly fall short. you're like, that's it? i plugged all afternoon for that? >> what we want to know are the pick-up line that didn't work for you. >> they didn't work. in fact, really bad. >> it was sad. >> i think when a guy come up to you and hey, you look great for an alcoholic, that's probably
4:41 pm
not -- >> at a wine festival, you know? >> i was like, oh, boy. >> no wonder that didn't make the list. >> where are you all going this week? >> it didn' pan out. anyway. >> always fun. we'll be tuning in tomorrow. >> thank you, thank you. >> good see you. >> thanks. when news4 at 4:00 continue, are men head over heel for women in stilettos? and one beer seller is planning to give away some suds in the hope it will increase sales.
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a cooker out there. we have a harvest moon. >> some at, some storm, we have the harvest moon, first day of fall, all of it for you. >> let's take a look outside. there is a little lightning off to the west.
4:45 pm
you folks in the neighborhoo there is some line around your area. it is pushing to the east. you can see it on that frame. as we look at what's going original you can see headed toward areas like mclieberman, fall church, too. a little lightning and thunder. most of it around cabin john area. i put that chance in until about 10:00 or 11:00 p.m. it is running at 12 which is modete today. low to mid 90s today. we have two more days of heat like this to deal. with you can see our winds primarily out of the south and southeast. the water could be building up on the western part of the potomac bank. we've got the first, full harvest moon, too,nd some astronomers are calling it the super harvest moon because they come at right around the same time. how about that?
4:46 pm
a big harvest moon. a chance for shower and storm until 10:00 and 11:00. early tomorrow morning, a few lingering clouds. we'll start at 69. we'll hit a highof about93 degrees. so not much rain with this. isolated cells. we've got another chance on sunday as we go from 85 on saturday to 75 on sunday. and then more rain possibly mid-week. >> all right. we're still going to be a little dry. >> thanks, veronica. coming up, fd and your mood. why junk food could be making you sad. and a women's rights group isn't happy about a fastood restaurant's new sales tactic. suddenly homeless. her longings scattered on the sidewalk for several blocks. how strangers stepped in to offer their support to a woman who was evicted. plan to improve this stretch of road are moving ahead. but at what cost to residents? stressed and depressed. many turn to the gym but searchers say working out can
4:47 pm
be dangerously addictive.
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4:49 pm
more doctors are convinced there is a connecon between food and your mood. british researchers found that fatty fried foods may contbute to irritability, even depression, because it deprive the brain of needed nutrients. the secret to a happy mood is eating more vegetables and natural foods and less sug and
4:50 pm
processed foods. with all the research, it is not clear if depressed people are more likely to eat poorly or if eating poorly actually leads to depression. anheuser-busch is hoping you're ready to grab some buds. that's their new advertising slogan to boost beer sales which have fallen 18%, compared to last year. busch is also offering a budweiser nation happy hour on september 29th. the day they will give out free samples of budweiser if you're 21 years or older. but that's not all. the beer giantlso plans to team up withacebook to give users free beer on their birthday. kentucky fried chicken is backing itsay into a new ad campaign. kfc is paying women $500 each to hand out coupons. here's the twist. they will be wearing fitted sweatpants that say double down in big letters on the rear of the sweatpants. the chicken chain is hoping to
4:51 pm
boost sale of its double down sandwich. to guys, it is a national organization of women says it is an obnoxious way to sell basically unalthy food. the ad campaign kickoff is from louisville, kentucky. >> we sampled that on the air. remember at? that sodiumfest? >> full of sodium and salt. >> all kinds of -- >> not exactly healthy. >> still ahead on news4 at 4:00, stress can really affect a woman's fertility. but there are ways to overcome it and boost your chances of pregnancyithout turning to fertility treatments. doreen gentzler has the report.
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british scientists may have answered the question, are the pain and expense of wearing high heel worth it to women? according to the study if they are wearing high heel because men find them more attractive, they should not bother. experts studied as they watched men walk women walk in both low heel and high heel shoes. they reported itoesn't register with men if women are wearing high heels or not. you might want to take their advice and wear shoes for comfort. some stunning jewelry, once worn bypolice diana is about to hit
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the ation block. a dime and pearl necklace here is the only piece of jewelry worn by princess di that is likely to be available for sale ever. it has 214 diamonds and seven south sea pearls. all set in platinum. there is no wordn just how much it might go for. some other impressive items will be up for bid as well. a bracelet owned by elvis and a baseball signed by six former u.s. presidents will be available at the auction. it will be held later this week at an auction house in new york. it has long been suspected that stress can affect your ability to get pregnant. now for the first time, scientists have found evidence that women under stress have a tougher time conceiving. >> i don't know that i believed that i woul everet pregnant before i came here. >> it took four and a half years for tammy brant to conceive. >> every month that it doesn't work, you get more and more
4:56 pm
stress asked then you think, now i'm stress asked stress is bad for getting pregnant but i'm stressed because i'm not pregnant and now i'm stressed because i'm stressed. >> she believed it was all that anxiety that was stopping her from having a successful pregnancy so she quit her job, started practicing yoga and underwent acupuncture. now for the first time scientists have found physiological evidence that stress can delay pregnancy for some women. >> what we ended up finding was one marker in particular, significantly reduced the probability of conception every day during the fertile window while women were attempting to get pregnant. > british researcher took saliva samples from more than 400 fertile women them measured levels of that produced by the salivary gland en people were under stress. women with high level were about 12% less likely to get pregnant in this study. jermaine lewis is a scientist at
4:57 pm
e national institutes of health, specializing in how the environment affects fertility. >> the bottom line is that there are thing that you can do to help maximize your chances if you're at all concerned, or even if you're not, about trying to get pregnant as soon as possibl >> lewis says studies like this show women and their partners should try low tech solutions first to help them getregnant before turning to fertility treatments. >> so i think it would be wise for a couple, not just women, to t to clean up the stresses in their lives and to really try to adopt not only a healthy set of behaviors, but a mindset. >> dr. melissa esposito, a reproductive endocrine on the gist says many of her parents find mind-body therapies like yoga and acupuncture to be helpful. but there hasn't been much scientific support. >> when they do acupcture they in general feel less stress and
4:58 pm
less anxiety and they feel good about doing it. >> reporter: she is convinced it was those home pathing therapy that's allowed her to calm down and nally get pregnant with her son. jack is now 5 months old. >> for me, it is really common sense. you haveo take care of the body if you want, you now, it to be a good place to raise somebody else. >> researcher loo at another one, cortisol but they found no link. news4 at 5:00 starts now. flame tear through a townhouse killing a mother and her two children inside. gooevening.
4:59 pm
i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. four including an infant were rescued and rushed to the hospital. the fire broke out on hagel court in lorton as investigators search for clues at the scene, neighbors tell news4 what may have srted the fire. news4's chris gordon is live now with the details. chris? >> reporter: fire investigators say it too soon to determine the cause. but one neighbor who was a family friend thinks she knows how it started. we'll hear from her in a few moments. first we begin with what we learned here today about this rrible tragedy. >> reporter: firefighters responsibled to emergency calls that came in about :30 this morning, reporting a fair on hagel court in lorton. >> this morning i heard a m screaming. screaming, screaming. and i did not know

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